SLF Supported Projects

SLF Supported Projects

The Stephen Lewis Foundation has partnered with 325 community-based organizations on more than 1,800 initiatives in the 15 countries that have been hardest hit by the AIDS pandemic in Africa. We partner with organizations who work in six key areas.

HEAL Africa
Mothers of the Nation Project

One of the grassroots organizations supported by SLF is HEAL Africa, located in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The mission statement of HEAL Africa:

HEAL Africa compassionately serves vulnerable people and communities through a holistic approach to Healthcare, Education, community Action, and Leadership development in response to changing needs.
It fosters high standards in practice and research within each of those areas.

Mothers of the Nation Project funded by Stephen Lewis Foundation in 2020. With support from the Stephen Lewis Foundation, HEAL Africa implemented the Mothers of the Nation project in Masisi territory of North Kivu. This project supported 48 households of grandmothers who take care of their grandchildren who are victims of HIV / AIDS and the multiple conflicts that have afflicted this area for more than a decade. During one year, the project supports the schooling of the grandchildren and helps, at the same time, each of the grandmothers to start income generating activities (IGA) that will allow them to perpetuate the schooling of the children at the end of the project. (Sourced from HEAL Africa Annual Report, 2020)

Link to HEAL Africa: