Art From the Attic 2021 online auction raises over $3,700!

Art From the Attic 2021 online auction raises over $3,700!

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Since we couldn’t hold our in-person annual Art From the Attic sale, Grands ‘n’ More Winnipeg tried an online art auction with a selected 53 items chosen from past and recent donations. Many thanks to our enthusiastic bidders and volunteers who made the event fun and ensured proceeds could be sent to the SLF Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign.

This beautiful and coulourful painting was one of the auction’s most actively bid on items,

One more online Art From the Attic auction is planned for February, but with unframed artworks that have come our way. Many of these originals are professionally matted and just need their new owner’s to find the perfect frame.

We look forward to next summer (2022) when we can start collecting art again for our next big in-person sale. If you can, please hold on to your gently loved art until then.

Pockit Storage, 1881 Burrows Ave has donated space where we have been able to store and sort the art for the 2021 online art auction. We appreciate their help!