February Art From the Attic Auction Results

February Art From the Attic Auction Results

Many interesting and beautiful pieces of art that came to us unframed have found new homes as a result of the Art from the Attic on-line auction that concluded on February 20, 2022.   Grands ‘n’ More raised $1,665 (less some small processing fees) from the 38 pieces in the auction.

This event was a project of Grands’n’More Winnipeg, in support of African grandmothers caring for their AIDS-orphaned grandchildren.  And, “Yes”, the AIDS pandemic continues – now even more complex, due to the overlay of battling COVID and HIV/AIDS.

This auction featured 38 items, most of them matted and ready to frame.  Grands ‘n’ More Winnipeg appreciated that Bevvy Teyems  Custom Art Framing, a relatively new small business in the downtown/Exchange district, offered 10% off for successful auction bidders.

All proceeds will go to the Stephen Lewis Foundation’s Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign (www.grandmotherscampaign.org)

Are you wondering what’s next? Are we going to have the big one-day in-person Art From the Attic this fall? We don’t know yet, but are hopeful. We will likely decide by the end of March whether we feel safe going forward with plans. Stay tuned!

And once again we would like to thank the people at Pockit Self Storage, 1881 Burrows for helping us with our storage needs.