Want to Host a Bag Party?

Bag Parties have become popular since two women hosted the first one in late 2009. The idea is to invite women friends, neighbours and colleagues to one’s home to see the tote bags (and other bags), hopefully to purchase same, to learn more about the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign and to have a good social time while supporting a great cause.

Most of the women who have hosted bag parties have done so in their own home but they can be hosted at other sites as well. Sometimes women co-host the event with a family member or friend — which doubles the “reach” of possible guests. Often we find that someone at the party will ask us if we will do a party for them; sometimes these are within the month, others want to book for the following year and in that case we just take their information and promise to contact them at the appropriate time.

We have prepared a draft “invitation” which we send by email to the party hosts and they adapt it for their own use. As well, we send a “poster” which shows the bags. We encourage women to send the poster far and wide and we have found that this can generate individual sales far beyond the bag party itself.

Do consider hosting a bag party – they are great fun and your guests will thank you for offering them the opportunity to buy something nice for themselves or for friends and family.